Be a telecommunications or utilities industry leader by having world-class 流程 surrounding developing, 市场营销, 管理, 为你新的和现有的产品和服务计费.


20多年来, TSI has worked in the 电讯及公用事业 Industry with a wide variety of growth-oriented, 中型电信和公用事业供应商. We typically begin by assessing part or all of an organization that feels they have areas of inefficiency or inconsistent results. gpk电子试玩还帮助设想一个利用人的未来, 流程, 和技术 in a manner that enables opportunities to gain a competitive advantage within the 电讯及公用事业 Industry.

帮助电信和公用事业gpk电子网址提高上市速度, optimize their supply chain and improve other internal 流程 is w在这里 TSI helps our gpk电子网址 取得最大的收获.

电信 and utilities consultants on the ground understanding a process.


TSI couples our 电讯及公用事业 Industry consulting expertise with our tested methodology to successfully assess and improve the organization’s people, 流程, 和技术.  gpk电子试玩致力于清楚地了解您当前的状态流程, gpk电子网址的目标, 理想的未来状态. 然后gpk电子试玩用这个, combined with the context of the 电讯及公用事业 Industry knowledge to develop a customized set of actions and recommendations that will facilitate the achievement of those stated goals. These recommendations are actionable, measurable, and most importantly in this industry, sustainable.

TSI typically starts engagements with a rapid assessment of the area or areas that are of the greatest importance. We tailor our services with 电讯及公用事业 Industry challenges in mind to help you address the most challenging needs while leveraging and facilitating your vision for success and key differentiators.  当gpk电子试玩开始gpk电子试玩的项目, we team with our gpk电子网址 to identify pain points and gain a clear understanding of the elements (products, 流程, 工作良好的技术和人员,以及需要改进的技术和人员.  Then we will help you clearly define your future state and develop a strategy that will move your organization forward. 最后,gpk电子试玩帮助您执行战略,使愿景成为现实.


The following are the most frequent service areas we employ to help our 电讯及公用事业 gpk电子网址:













TSI与gpk电子试玩合作完成了一项战略技术评估, which included the difficult task of coordinating and articulating our vision and strategy for new technology. The project was a great success: they ensured that everyone participated in the process, 所有的声音都被听到了, and that deliverables were on-time and distributed to all participants for thoughtful feedback. 在日常的基础上, TSI对gpk电子试玩的工作充满热情和奉献精神, 总是说gpk电子试玩的成功就是他们的成功. They have acted as key advisors to me and as coaches for the entire project team. We so enjoyed working with the TSI team and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Senior Director, Analytics and Business Intelligence • The University of Chicago

转型解决方案公司. proved to be very adept in creating strategic and practical approaches to our complex improvement project. 他们高效而有效地收集数据, 在gpk电子试玩的教职员工中创造支持,因为他们这样做了. Dan and Alan did this by spending a considerable amount of time on our campuses working directly with groups of our staff and faculty. 最终, TSI向gpk电子试玩展示了gpk电子试玩沟通的详细流程图, 确定生产改进的关键领域, 并与gpk电子试玩合作,根据gpk电子试玩的具体需求量身定制他们的最终建议. gpk电子试玩完成了这项工作,而且做得很好.


TSI为他们的项目团队配备了高质量的员工, 知识渊博的, 熟练的, 有奉献精神的人, 向你保证你的计划会成功!

加州州立大学- SLO

TSI是在一个重要的转折点加入UF团队的. We were in the very early stages of asking ourselves what ‘next’ looked like for our fundraising program and what technology ecosystem would be required to actualize it. Dan and his team led us through an extensive planning and preparation process that set us up for success in the implementation of our new CRM and the associated platforms. 在计划和准备阶段, gpk电子试玩和丹一起制定了远景规划, 制定路线图, 确保资金安全.


我真的很喜欢和TSI一起工作, 特别是, 我喜欢你之前gpk电子网址头脑风暴会议的方式, 如果做得不好,有时会非常混乱. I respect and admire your ability and instinct to facilitate discussions and to tease out useful information. I believe your success is a result of natural ability, and lots of hard work and preparation. I’d love to stay connected and to serve as a resource if I can be of value to the things you do.




Our telecom consulting team works to gain a clear understanding of your company’s current state 流程, gpk电子网址的目标, 理想的未来状态. 然后gpk电子试玩用这个, combined with the context of the 电信 Industry knowledge to develop a customized set of actions and recommendations that will facilitate the achievement of those stated goals. These recommendations are actionable, measurable, and most importantly in this industry, sustainable. 有关该gpk电子试玩可持续发展的更多信息,请点击 在这里.


Our fees are very competitive in the telecommunications consulting market place. We start our projects with an estimate of our fees and have an outstanding track record of completing our work within our estimated ranges.


是的,显著. 和, in recent months we have successfully adapted our fact-finding and analysis techniques so that we can work in a remote manner. We continue to have great success engaging our stakeholders so they provide their input while feeling heard.